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An Online business, may be defined as the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in support of all the activities of business. Commerce constitutes the exchange of products and services between businesses, groups and individuals and can be seen as one of the essential activities of any business. Electronic commerce focuses on the use of ICT to enable the external activities and relationships of the business with individuals, groups and other businesses
A perfect part-time business would have to be very easy to start, require little time and money and no technical expertise, be easy to maintain with just a few hours a week and have a proven track record with a high probability of success.
There's actually one other important criteria--it has to be perfect for you! Experience has taught me that it's different strokes for different folks, and there is no "one size fits all" perfect business. You're much more likely to be successful if you do something you find fun and interesting.
With that in mind, here are five of the best ways to make extra cash moonlighting on the Internet: E-business involves business processes spanning the entire value chain: electronic purchasing and supply chain management, processing orders electronically, handling customer service, and cooperating with business partners.

Online Businesses:
There are different types of Online businesses, most of them listed below have been working for me or are still working out pretty well. They were provided to help you improve your ideas of choosing a suitable Online Business that will work for you, of course it will definately work for you. If it worked out for me then it can work for anyone else. I actually started in 2010 with a website, a niche website for that matter, i was surprised with the number of traffic i was getting within a month. I was getting 50K viewers every month, with that kind of large amount visiting my site. I decided to start affiliate marketing, selling my products on my site and lot's more of different opportunities. 

1. eCommerce: This is a business model I make most money from. Building an online shop and promoting it can be a time consuming task BUT once you set-up everything and start seeing steady traffic and sales, it can be very rewarding. Online shopping keeps growing at double digit rate each year – why not take your market share now?

2. eBay: Want some quick cash? Sell off some un-wanted items on eBay! But eBay is not only for selling used goods – thousands of people have built successful, full-time businesses on eBay selling brand new items, sourced from wholesalers or manufacturers directly. Being one of the World’s largest marketplaces, eBay, with millions of eager daily shoppers is still the best place to start making money by selling physical products online.

3. Blogging: Do you like writing? Are you passionate about sports, music, gadgets or any other topic? Why not share your passion with other people and make money at same time? There are endless opportunities to earn money from blogging via affiliate programs, AdSense, links, banners etc. Yes, it takes time, patience and hard work to create a popular blog but when it happens, it’s all passive income from the past work you have put into it.

4. Affiliate Marketing: If I were to start everything from scratch today, I would most likely start with Affiliate Marketing as it’s so damn easy! Just pick a good affiliate program, drive traffic and see commissions from sales rolling in! You can promote affiliate programs via your own website or blog, Squidoo lenses, Twitter, Facebook, forum commenting, YouTube and so many other ways! All these are free traffic methods and only investment required from your part is TIME!

5. Offline Consulting: If you’re already experienced with Internet Marketing, this is a perfect time to start your Offline Consulting business. Millions of offline businesses Worldwide are looking for ways to attract more customers via online channels. What you can do? Offer general consulting services, set-up websites, and social website profiles, Google Places, AdWords campaigns, Lead generation pages and so much more! Most offline business owners have little to zero knowledge in how online marketing works so they’re willing to pay for expert advice!

6. Freelancing: Do you have any valuable skills? Writing, design, Excel, programming, voice over, video editing, blog commenting, forum posting – these are just few services highly demanded by website owners! The easiest way to start selling your service online is by using – it’s a website where people sell & buy all kinds of services for $5 a piece! $5 per “task” doesn’t seem that much BUT when each task takes just 10 minutes and you can get dozens of orders per day, it soon ads up to a full-time job.

7. Yahoo Store: This business is very similar to eBay in the sense that it's a monster-sized marketplace but more similar to a store in the true sense of the word. Think having your own retail outlet but without the hassles of rent, employees, utilities and all the other expenses of a traditional brick-and-mortar store.
The neat thing is that it can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you want it to be because of companies called drop-shippers, which can do most of the work for you. In fact, you don't even pay for the inventory until you make a sale. How cool is that?
Most people think the hard part of this business is creating your virtual store, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yahoo! has made the templates and wizards so easy that, dare I say, even a caveman can do it
8. Software Development:development of a software product. The term "software development" may be used to refer to the activity of computer programming, which is the process of writing and maintaining the source code, but in a broader sense of the term it includes all that is involved between the conception of the desired software through to the final manifestation of the software. Software development has changed things for i and friends who develop softwares. You can develop a software and sell to google, yahoo, or any other company because there are lots of companies who are in search of software developers. If you reason this part of the business, i bet you things will change around you withing a few period of time. This is another bright idea.
9. Real-Estate:Get to buy, sell, rent, house properties  there are available real estate listings for millions of homes for sale in regions across the United States and Canada. Our listings represent over 800 MLSs. This another interesting business, but has to be dealt with wisely. If you understand me. Get connected to clients from around the world that are interested in your properties or interested in posting a list of their property on your website. If you notice, every business has a website because it's a need for any business to have a website. Like you see this is my site and i use my site for money making business, it shows off your information and tells your customer about your product or services. So if you're thinking of starting an online business, i suggest you create a website for your marketing. Do you want a website to make money Today? Click Now or E-mail me for more info {}


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