Thursday, 13 September 2012

Money Maker Options

Money Maker Options
 There are more than 50 ways of making money on the internet, though you might go through a lot of research sometimes you may find the genuine but sometimes you may find scams. But it doesnt stop you from making money online it just requires thorough research and sharp eyes to know when someones about to scam you and to know the real genuine money making informations. check below i listed a few.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Hello dear visitor i'm  glad to tell you, that there are many legitimate ways to make money at home for free. If you are a stay at home parent, unemployed, a full-time student, or someone who just needs to boost your income, you can make a steady monthly income without any investment and without leaving your home. This can be done online. However, it may not always be easy to filter through the opportunities that are legitimate as opposed to the ones that are not.
I remember when i started up with money making ideas, i didn't have nothing then i was just a student who wanted to earn a living and live the life of a real chilling student. I believe everybody needs some kind of little paper notes in their wallets. But then i had no credit cards, to send all my money to. I thought of starting something big when i had not finished with solving small problems i faced. I didn't bother myself for some time like almost 5 months. One day when my condition reached RED, i decided to know more about MAKING MONEY since that was what i wanted. I started doing research on google, books, e-books and other helpful resource. I gathered enough information and still had no money to start with. I had this believe that "you can't make money if don't invest money". I researched on the opposite topic and started looking for ways to make money free online. I discovered blogger and decided to put all of my information online for other people to see and to also work on it. That was two jobs at a time right?
Blogger gave me the opportunity to put my info online by creating a Blog. Though i was using their domain still but i was still glad that my researched information about money making was published online for everybody to see and contribute. Within a month i started recieving emails and having rush of visitors on my site. Was happy to reply every message sent to me by my online visitors. Through out a month i didn't realise google adsense, soon until i visited Lisa Irby's website "" , a beginner-friendly tutorial site that will teach you to create a website and even make money online if that's your goal. So i visited her website frequently because it was dealing with two problems i was wanting to solve (Building a site and Making money online), during the cause of research i came across making money with google adsense  a program run by Google Inc. that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, and rich content on a website. I signed up and followed every step, after a week my account was approved and i started laying ads unto my blog. After a month i recieved a hundred dollar check sent to my home address. After the practical i believed in adsense and started earning a living. There were more making money tips which i got from Lisa's website check it here, i found out other reasonable and wise online businesses that i could start online even if i didn't have all the necessary needs. At least with my laptop and internet access i was able to start up a living online. Now i'm a proud owner of many online businesses and websites that has pushed me going. Check out my top free online Business below

I’ve come across quite a few people over the last few weeks who are struggling to make ends
meet. They are either out of work or just not making enough at their current jobs. Some friends
just want extra money to take more vacations, buy a new car, or to help supplement their income.
Despite what you’ve heard or think, you can make money online and I will share with you how
you can do that in the following report.
I’ve spent the last 19 months learning a lot about making money online. I’ve spent my fair share
on snake oil, and have literally tried everything. Now that I’ve got the hang of things I’ve
created a free guide to help friends and family who want to make some money on the side. I
especially hope those who don’t have jobs will actually do some of what I’m about to share-- so
they can stop whining about not having money and employ themselves full time. Money is
everywhere, you just need to get yourself out of the “employee” mentality.
Keep in mind that this was written to show you how you can make money “online” NOT “easy”,
“fast”, “quick”, or “magically”. There is no silver bullet, whatever method you choose will take
some effort, dedication, and discipline in order to see profit. The good news is that you will
make money.
If you’re lazy there is nothing this report can help you with.
These methods are all SCAM FREE. Meaning you will turn a profit if you follow the steps