Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What are the advantages of working from home?

Going to work in an office can be stressful and costly for both employee and employer.  Thanks to technology many people have the option of working from home (or off-site at that warm beach somewhere!).  For consultants and freelancers there are obvious reasons why you should work from home (you might not have another choice anyway!) but for full-time employees there are financial and personal advantages to working at least a couple days per week from home.  Not every profession allows for this flexibility but if yours is one of the many that do, here are some benefits to look into for both employer and employee.

  • Increased productivity

When employees have more time to be with their families or to do things for themselves, they’re happier people.  Happier people are less stressed out and are less likely to make mistakes.  Happier people are more productive, which leads to more work done and more money saved.  This I learned from Lisa Irby, my online mentor (great lady, by the way!), but in reading an article at money articles some supervisors see the productivity value in flexibility as well.  One supervisor mentions that employees are more committed to a company that allows them to have flexible schedules.  Another manager explains that having employees with flexible schedules is an advantage to her because that way her company may expand its working hours to better cater to the 24/7 business cycle in which it works.
If you’ve never thought of working from home but your company offers this option, you might be interested in finding out how such arrangement works out for you.  If your company doesn’t have a work-from-home program, you may be in a position to ask your boss about this arrangement.

  • Spending time with your children Thirty five hours per week at work (40+ for Americans) plus commuting time all adds up to time not spent with your children.  Both you and your children will be happier if you spend more time with them.  But you can always ask your children what they think.In my own experience, I feel very lucky I had my dad around when I was a child.  Due to his working schedule, Dad spent half days at home and it was just awesome to see him around!  He could just be taking care of our dog or taking a nap before his next shift but there was a very warm feeling in knowing that Dad was around to take care of me if I needed him.
  • Reduced health insurance costs:Employees who have more flexibility in their schedules tend to be happier people because they may arrange their schedule to include running errands, taking care of their children and getting enough rest and exercise. It can also be possible for you to meet up with meetings with the Doctor or medical check ups. I believe when we do go the office, working from day to evening almost 8-12hrs. There won't be so much time to book personal meetings with doctors because there's few time and there are also enough things to be done at work the next day. So why not just, put down some time and do some work, yes it might not be easy writing contents on your website. But sacrifice that time and think about the future product. Remember if your website has enough content and traffic, google gives the honor of ranking you on the first page of every search concerned to your website content. After making a search, check below you'll see something like this{ About 148,000,000 results (0.26 seconds 

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