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Easy steps to making money online

The number one statement I always hear from those who want to make money online is, "I don't have anything to sell". 
I cannot stress the following point enough...
You don't have to sell a product
to make money with a website.
People seem to think they need something to sell or must get involved in some kind of online MLM business (recruiting people to sign up for something) to make money on the Internet. That couldn't be further from the truth.
I've made nearly $300,000 on the Internet since 1998 while working an additional full-time job and I've never had a tangible product to sell. 
My "product" has always been information.
Think about it.  A big part of the reason people use the Internet is to obtain information.  They are always searching for something from stock information to losing weight.
Isn't that how you got to this site? You were probably doing some kind of search in Google, Yahoo or MSN.
So, what does that have to do with making money, you ask? Well, thanks to a wonderful concept called "affiliate programs", information websites can be your online income source.
How to Make Money Online
The concept is quite simple.
a. Simply build a website on a topic you feel you can write a lot about.  Be prepared to build pages and pages on this topic.
b. Learn to optimize your site for the major free search engines.  The more pages you create, the more these engines will love your site and bring you traffic.  
c. Next, join affiliate programs where they pay you to refer people to their products and services.  Most affiliate programs are free.  All you need is a website.
Google even has a program where they pay you to display ads on your site.  It's free and easy.  Learn more about Adsense here.
That's all you have to do!  I'll go into more detail below, but that is the recipe you need for success.  Yes, it takes patience and you should be prepared to work hard on building and promoting your site.  However, you CAN be extremely successful if you follow my guidelines below.
Steps to Financial Success With Your Website
1. Pick a topic. 
This is more important than people think.  If you choose a topic you know very little about or have no interest in, your boredom factor goes up and you run the risk of losing interest in your site.
Remember, your goal is to build pages and pages of content.  This is easier to do if you have a genuine interest in the topic. Also, be sure your content is unique. Don't even think of copying from someone else's site.  Not only is it illegal, but search engines now penalize (ignore) duplicate content.
My favorite example of a successful site is Jeff Ostroff's  Like so many people, Jeff had some bad experiences with buying cars.  He was fed up with the lies and tricks so he built a site to educate and prevent others from being "had".
He affiliates himself with car buying companies and earns commissions when people buy products he recommends.  But what's more important is that he picked a topic thathelps people. 
That is such an important point because when you help someone or solve someone's problem, it actually build your credibility.  They are more likely to take your suggestions and recommendations seriously and you'll earn loyal visitors for life.
That's why it's so important to choose a topic that you have a personal interest in so you can take the time to build your site and make it useful.  See how Jeff's site is not lacking information at all.  He loves the topic of car buying so he doesn't have problems keeping it updated.
Now it's time for you to brainstorm and think of YOUR topic.  Everyone has a passion for some kind of issue or topic.  What do you know that can help others?  Acne tips, weight loss, investing, home repairs, sewing, golfing, buying a home -- I'm sure you can think of something.
2. Choose a web host - Another BIG step.
After you've decided on a topic, you are ready to build your website.  You'll need a web host for that. This is the company that helps  get your site online.  They provide you with the tools to create your pages and publish them to the Internet.
 There are two kinds of web hosts:
The DIY's (Do it yourself) 
Site Build It
The DIY Method
These kinds of hosts charge somewhere between $5 and $15 per month to host your site.  Yes, the prices are generally quite reasonable, but you are completely on your own. 
You'll be responsible for learning how to build your pages and publish them to the web.  You can accomplish this through software like Microsoft FrontPage or you can learn to write HTML yourself.
If you don't mind the learning curve then this option is a good one for you.  You'll have the opportunity to learn about web programming and design.  Just remember these kind of web hosts do not help you with optimizing your site in the search engines, getting traffic, etc.
Read more about DIY hosting here.
Site Build It
There is no host as powerful as this one and in my opinion, no company can come close.  Not only does SBI help you brainstorm to choose the right topic, it actually coaches you as you write your content so you optimize each and every page to receive free search engine traffic.
So remember when I was telling you about the importance of choosing the right topic?  Well, SBI actually lets you use the brainstorming tool to make sure you have narrowed down the best topic for your site - in terms of passion, enjoyment and profitability.
When you're ready to start building your pages, there is no programming needed because SBI has a web browser-based building tool.   You simply type your text into a form to build each page, and as far as design there are already pre-created templates at your disposal.  
Just sort through the colorful templates and choose the one you want.  Your site is built in seconds.  All you do is add the text and pictures.
The goal of SBI is to help you focus on the bottom line...getting traffic and making money.  The creator, Ken Evoy, doesn't want you to have to get bogged down in the technical aspects of creating a site.  After all, it's not the design that will make you rich, it's the content on the site.
So if the DIY method does not appeal to you and you're not the type who likes to experiment with learning HTML, programming, etc. then SBI may be for you.
To be honest, even if you are the type that doesn't mind learning how to program, SBI is still an ideal choice simply because it offers important features such as the brainstorming tool and the best search engine ranking help on the planet.
Read more about SBI here.
3. Enjoy yourself.
This is actually the most important step of the three.  If this venture feels too much like work and you hate sitting at your computer for a few hours per day, then this is not for you. 
Money cannot be your only motivation factor.  If that were the case, everyone would have a successful site.  After all, everyone wants more money, right?
You have to really enjoy building your site and learning how to promote it online.  The enjoyment factor is what will keep you going and you'll be encouraged to continuously learn more and more about making your site profitable for years to come.
My first 2 sites failed miserably, but I never quit.  I enjoyed the learning process so much that it kept me going until I found something that really did work.
The online world is not for everyone, but it certainly can't hurt try it out.  That's another reason why I like SBI. It's completely risk free. offers an unconditional money back guarantee so if at any time you decide it's not for you, you'll get a full refund.  No questions asked, no hassle!  Their spotless record with the BBB shows you they honor what they promise.
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